Ivo Morrison

Ivo Morrison (B. 1990) is a self-taught London based artist whose work reflects his confusion with the absence of narrative in contemporary painting.

The central idea of his work is the exploration of mystery. He explains this theme, stating, "Painting has one enormous advantage to the storyteller over literature, theatre, cinema or whatever, there's no need for a beginning, middle and end, it simply tells its story- asking a question with no need or possibility for an answer or conclusion. So I guess mystery appeals to me because Agatha Christie has to get Poirot to sit everyone down in the drawing room and answer the readers question. My stories get to exist in that uncertain state where the questions, if they are to be answered at all, can only be done so by the viewer."


Fourth: Group exhibition curated by India Dickinson
- June 2016. Brixton East gallery, London
Fly in the Ointment: Group exhibition curated by Soho Revue and India Dickinson
- December- February 2015. Greek Street, Soho, London
Affordable Art Fair with India Dickinson
- October 2015. Battersea, London
Third Six: Group Exhibition curated by India Dickinson
- June 2015. Brixton East gallery, London
Dawn: Group exhibition curated by Bernard Raphael
- April 2015. The Strand Gallery, London
Second Eight: Group Exhibition curated by India Dickinson
- June 2014. Brixton East gallery, London