Francisco Rodriguez

B. 1989, Santiago, Chile. Currently based in the UK completing a MA in Fine Art painting at Slade School of Fine Art.

"In 1997 I was eight years old and I saw an MTV interview of Thom Yorke. In it the journalist asked him what Radiohead was, and the answer he gave was something that I didn’t quite understood at that time but that later it resonated with my artwork. To answer the interviewer question, Yorke answered, “Radiohead are the sounds that I hold in my head”. Now, 20 years later, if someone asked me what my painting was about I would said that it is the images that I hold in my head and the reason I paint is because I want to see them. Painting for me is the possibility to translate my thoughts into something real; the possibility to turn the images that I hold in my head into materiality; a piece of paper and paint into what I call, mental images

During the previous years I have been working with the concept of mental images. Mental Images can be understood as an image, vision, sensation or idea held during the creative process. I believe that this has been an underlying concept in most artistic production throughout different times; how images are filtered by sensation, memory and imagination. Following this, through my artwork I have been exploring these inner images (mental images) and sensations mainly through the mediums of painting and drawing. " - Francisco Rodriguez


b. 1989, Santiago, Chile 

Lives and works in London, UK 


2016-2018 MFA candidate, Slade School of Fine Art / UCL, London, United Kingdom

2012-2013 Major in Painting, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile

2008-2012 BA Fine Arts, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile


2011 MAM (Museum of Modern Art), Chiloé, Chile. SOLO EXHIBITIONS

2018 (Upcoming) Utopías y desvelos, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art), Santiago, Chile. 2017 Ático, Espacio O, Santiago, Chile.
2013 Lo invisible del Espacio, Sala Juan Egenau, Santiago, Chile. 


2018 Independencia, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile 

2017 Reserva Federal, Espacio O, Santiago, Chile.
2017 Imagen Vibratoria, Museo Nahim Isaías, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
2017 Espacios Legítimos, curated by Martín La Roche, Universidad Popular, CA2M, Madrid, Spain. 

2017 Interim Show, Slade School of Fine Art / UCL, London, UK.
2017 Haciendo días, curated by Juan José Santos, CENTEX, Valparaíso, Chile.
2017 Colección MAC: Post 90, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) Santiago, Chile.
2017 FAITH, Austin Forum, Augustinian Centre, London, UK.
2017 Progress : Regress, Crypt Gallery, London, UK. 

2014 Caja Negra Artes Visuales 30 años, MAVI (Museum of Visual Arts)

2014 Sub30, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) Santiago, Chile. 2012 Criacuervos, Hangarnekoe, Santiago, Chile.
2011 Taller B, Espacio Flor, Santiago, Chile. 

2011 Historia forzada: bifurcaciones de arte joven, Sala Juan Egenau, Santiago, Chile. 2011 Kontagios, Universidad del Pacífico, Santiago, Chile.
2011 De la pintura, Sala Juan Egenau, Santiago, Chile. 

2010 Espacio Contenido, MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) Santiago, Chile. 2010 Sudaca Paradise, Scuola Italiana, Santiago Chile. 


2015 BECAS CHILE, CONICYT Grant - MFA Painting. Slade School of Art, University College London. 


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) / Contemporary Art Museum, Chile