Ellie Walker

Walker's most recent work explores the possibilities of storytelling, inspired and influenced by her childhood experiences of growing up in a rural and isolated town. She draws from memory and imagination and her daily surroundings. From the pictorial language collected, she begins to construct her own imaginary reality, creating narratives that are reminiscent of her childhood but also the experiences she faces as an adult.

The artist is influenced by Outsider Art in which she creates falsely naïve paintings, avoiding the rules of colour and perspective, working with unrefined hues and keeping certain areas flat in colour.

The narratives created are autobiographical, which are visually playful and humorous. The titles of the works also play an important role in the narrative element of the artists work. These titles are often reminiscent of a memory, experience or feeling which sometimes juxtapose the visual innocence of the paintings.

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2017 – BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting – University of Brighton

2014 – Foundation Diploma – Arts University Bournemouth

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 - Artiq, ‘The Graduate Art Prize’, London
2017 - ‘State your Case’, 5th Space Gallery, London
2017 - ‘Graduate Show 2017’, Grand Parade, Brighton
2017 – ‘Fashioning the Frame’, Edward Street, Brighton
2016 – ‘Stretch’, Grand Parade, Brighton
2015 - ‘End of Year Show 2015’, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth

Feb 2018 – ‘Friend of the Artist’ magazine, Issue 5